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Captain Hilian Martinez

Belize Fishing Trip with Captain Hilian Martinez

Looking for a vacation location that offers what very few places can?

A place that’s not only rich in natural beauty, with the World’s second largest barrier reef, but has ancient Mayan Ruins, a quaint little city where the locals are kind, warm, and welcoming? Plus, h some of the very best fishing on the planet?

Then Belize is the place for you! Spend the day on a Panga, with one of the top guides in the country, exploring and fishing waters that see very few anglers and are known to produce fish of a lifetime.

Hilian Martinez was born and raised in San Perdo, spending his life exploring and fishing the Ambergris Caye.  His intimate knowledge of the area, and his lifetime of fishing experience can ensure you’ll make memories that last a lifetime.

If you need any additional information, details or advice, please feel free to contact Hilian or Rex Hannon , we’ll make it as easy and simple as possible.

Here are a few pictures from a very happy family fly fishing the Caye a few days ago .

Your Adventure Awaits!

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