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Captain Orlando Medina Alcoce

Isla Blanca Fishing Trip with Captain Orlando Medina Alcocer

I am Orlando Medina Alcocer, born in Cancun Q.Roo in the year 1978 and since I have been using my rason, I have always liked the sea and fishing. I have known the fishing area for more than 30 years since there is an islet called Cayo Alcatraz. And there we always camp as children to sarñe fishing. It is practically where we fish for palenetas all along the shore of the key and well, I started as a fishing guide 10 years ago and since then I have dedicated myself to guiding in the area of Isla Blanca throughout the Boca Iglesias area and in the Nichucte lagoon in the hotel zone, I just want to say that I am passionate about guiding and fishing. Now I have 4 boats for fly fishing and I run it as my own business.

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